Corrugated boxes are an integral part of every business that involves shipping or receiving merchandise. They are found everywhere. Unsuspecting people would mistake it for a cardboard box when they come across a local grocery store. It is because of the striking similarity between both. Corrugated boxes have key differences though and are more durable.

Looking for boxes to ship your products?

It is important to select the right packaging material. Cardboard boxes are typically used for greeting cards and cereal boxes. When shipping products, it is important that the products remain undamaged which is why corrugated boxes are preferred since cardboard isn’t sturdy enough.

Know the difference between cardboard and corrugated boxes:

Corrugated boxes are also manufactured using a type of cardboard. It has 3 layer of paper including inside liner, outside liner and flute roller which has a ruffled shape. The flute sizes range from A to F. The flute size used for a box depends on the weight of the product the box holds.

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Why are corrugated boxed predominantly used for shipping goods?

The arched flute design of the box’s interior is sturdy and designed in a way that it won’t give away easily. If you are transporting goods like books, electronics or food which could get damaged by moisture retention, you can specify the manufacturer to add outer liner papers.

This additional moisture barrier ensures moisture doesn’t seep through and provides added protection. Corrugated boxes are ideal for shipping varies types of goods.

Benefits of choosing corrugated boxes:

  • Durable to transport goods
  • Lightweight whilst offering high strength to weight ratio
  • The products it holds remain safe during the entire transit
  • Cost-effective
  • Environment-friendly since they are recyclable

The one problem with corrugated boxes is that they aren’t ideal for every situation. It can’t be used to ship large pieces of machinery or other extremely heavy items. In the absence of special treatment, weather and moisture could damage it.

Manufacturers are working towards making the box fire-resistant and water-resistant. Corrugated boxes are cost-effective and sustainable. Since it is possible to add colorful designs and brand logo to it, it meets the marketing needs too which makes it a preferred choice.

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