Whether with simple changes or complex adjustments, top website design Singapore companies are adjusting site designs to be more mobile-friendly. Some things that you need to consider include:

Pop-Ups: Pop-ups need to be limited as people on mobile devices are more finicky and have less patience. They are always in a hurry to find information and then move on to the next thing. As the close buttons for pop-ups aren’t as clear on mobile phones when not placed clearly, it can cause a loss of customers.

Queries: Using media queries makes a website mobile responsive. These queries require some experience and are not for beginners, as it includes techniques to change the coding to alter things like the width and shape of the content. Queries give a website the ability to stretch or shrink. The content is dependant on the size of the source from which it is viewed.

Google: For the last few years, Google has been championing accelerated mobile pages. These are pages having content in a way that improves user experience with a faster speed.

A website needs to be mobile-friendly to not lose out on clients.

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