If you have been married for a while you have probably worked hard to try to make your marriage work. In a troubled marriage, changing anything can be impossible. However, if you are not sure you want a divorce, you can opt for marital separation. This option allows you to take time apart before you decide to call a lehi divorce attorney. It may provide you with the opportunity to catch your breath and regroup. It lets you and your spouse try living away from each other and take time to decide how to proceed. 

However, even if marital separation is an intermediate step, you should take it seriously. You must go in prepared to think through your marriage. You both have to do this together. With marital separation, you and your spouse will have the chance to decide your future. If you are considering marital separation, consider the following tips:

Take the Process Seriously

If you opt for marital separation, understand its importance and don’t take it lightly. Usually, it lets you see yourselves and each other differently. If you tend to fight constantly, it compels you to cool off and see what life might be without each other. Marital separation gives you the opportunity to practice living apart and determine what this would mean for both of you. You may realize you are not ready to end your marriage or decide that you are. 

Set Boundaries and Expectations

Marital separation can be difficult if you and your spouse have been apart before. First, you need to set boundaries to give each other time alone. Discuss when you will talk and when you will give space and honor this commitment. Before you separate, have conversations focused on family finances, time with children, and other aspects. Also, you may want to discuss if you both can date other people during the separation or if you want to put limits on anything.

Talk from Time to Time

Just because you decide marital separation does not mean you should stop talking to each other. A divorce requires you both to work together on some things and so does marital separation. You cannot avoid your life connections. It may help you to bridge the communication gaps with counseling. But, if you choose not to see a counselor, make sure to involve people you trust. Set scheduled times to talk about the experience. Consider and understand each other during the separation process. After the separation period, you can decide to preserve the marriage or give it up for good.

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