The Covid-19 pandemic halted every commercial activity. But businesses could not be kept on hold for an indefinite period for the sake of the economy and survival. So, smart people and technological advancements have come together to make up for the losses. Things are getting online, and firms are relieved too. One of the most crucial events for any company is its Annual General Meeting’s success amidst all the vital activities being carried out on the internet.

How to hold AGM fruitful online?

The significance of AGM cannot be underestimated. It is the place of profit disclosure, future strategies, resolution laying, decisive voting, and several other imperative business operations. Gladly, expert web developers provide competent software to conduct virtual AGM effortlessly. The host must ensure the following things:-

  • Check Limitations- Some online meeting portals restrict the number of attendees or even the duration. Either of the cases may lead to discomposure. Ensure limitless entries and feasible meeting duration.
  • Real-Time- Voting is the crucial part, so real-time workability of the software is highly required. Also, there should not be any lag between the audio and video system to avoid confusion.

These features are of prime significance to hold a Virtual AGM effectively.

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