Social media is an extremely interconnected influential platform that is growing continuously. Whether you are a business owner, a platform user, or a marketer, you cannot deny the potential of paid social media advertising. If you are up for using this form of advertising with the help of a reputable singapore advertising agency, you need to know to succeed.

PPC on Social Media

Social PPC is advertising on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. As social media networks grow, marketing opportunities also grow. When advertising on these platforms, clicks and impressions are counted individually and cost a business on a per-click or per-thousand impressions basis. As with search PPC in search engines, social PPC is based on social engagement.

Knowing your Audience

Before measuring any kind of success in the paid social world, you must get to know your audience first. You can do this by segmenting based on how you plan to post including the time of day, the frequency you would like your ads to be shown, and the kind of device these ads should show on.  Also, you use Customer Lists on platforms on Facebook that lets you make new or lookalike audiences based on those who have converted for you before.

Posting Engaging and Quality Content

Ads need engagement so they don’t become stale, fatigued, and generic. Picking compelling and effective content is the key to your success in social PPC. Ads serve as the face of your product or service, so make sure to use a critical eye at all times. Determine what makes you unique and what value you will offer to your possible new customers. Ensure you produce top-quality content so that people will read it. You can do this by leveraging the power of keyword targeting and posting at relevant times for your specific users.

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