I’m afraid your day that technology will exceed our human interaction. The planet have a generation of idiots.

Albert Einstein Time magazine’s Man from the Century

I am afraid on that day originates, and contains just begun. We are now residing in the “always on” civilization. Research conducted recently of 200 students at Stanford College reveals that 34 percent rated themselves as hooked on their smartphones. The number of texts would you receive every single day? The number of would you distribute? Maybe you have experienced that sick, uneasy feeling when you have learned that you have not received any text or call, or that nobody has written lower anything inside your Facebook wall, because you last checked ten minutes ago?

Everyone knows what hi-tech is – technologies like smartphones make us available 24 hrs each day, just like a convenience store. Google Glass, the advanced eye-ware that puts a small, voice-controlled Wi-Fi enabled computer in your face has got the geek world abuzz. They previously decorate millennial faces and you are most likely next.

The truly amazing irony from the high-tech age is the fact that we have become hooked on devices which were designed to provide us with freedom. We’re creatures of habit residing in a culture of distraction, the signs and symptoms which incorporate a continual look for quick fixes and ADD lives which are distanced and distracted. High touch, however, may be the stuff we quit when we are tuned to the technological world: hope and empathy, love and forgiveness, nature and spirituality.

Technology might have already surpassed our human interaction. Neuroscience research signifies that E-mail communication is really a poor replacement for authentic human interaction. Electronic messages lack why is communication intriguing and emotional. Within the evermore complex world we inhabit, how can we reconcile our high-touch values with this high-tech realities?

If you have spent enough time on Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise you’ll keep in mind that Spock, Enterprise science officer includes a constant conflict together with his Vulcan and human sides. Like Spock, In my opinion we are able to also provide it for both. Technologies are neither bad nor good. It’s the way we make use of the tools we develop that know for sure outcome.

Sustainable companies paradoxically have to be both hi-tech and touch. iPads can greatly increase our creativeness. However, love remains the “Killer Application” running a business and existence. High touch caring in relationships builds trust. Conscious leaders are aware of unplugging their and themselves laptops lengthy enough to mirror, vision, find the simplicity starry nights and don’t forget what it really way to be fully human.

Are you currently your company where executive coaches provide leadership development to develop emotionally intelligent leaders? Does your business provide executive coaching for leaders? Sustainable leaders make use of their emotional intelligence and social intelligence skills to produce a more compelling future.

Probably the most effective questions you are able to think about is “Will I integrate hi-tech rich in touch?” Emotionally intelligent and socially intelligent organizations provide executive coaching in their leadership development programs.

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