Desiring to own a car? There is a need to get a Class G or Class M driver’s license. If so, take a Florida online driving course first. Know all of the rules and regulations before acquiring a Class G or Class M license in hand.

This blog post analyzes what it takes to get these licenses and some helpful tips for passing the test!

The Requirements for a Class G License

For a person to get a Florida driver’s license, there is a need to meet some basic requirements. Be at least 15 years old and have held the learner’s permit for one year before getting this license.

Once a person receives a learner’s permit, follow all of the rules and regulations. If not, this could make it harder to get Class G license in the future!

How To Obtain a Learner’s Permit

Several steps must be taken before receiving the learner’s permit. First of all, take an online driver education course.

After completing this course successfully, go ahead to the Florida DMV and take the written knowledge test. After excelling in this test, it enables an individual to earn a learner’s permit.

Getting  Learner’s Permit Extended

For the learner’s permit to be extended, there are a few steps that are needed:

  • Visit the Florida DMV and fill out an Application for Learner’s Permit Extension.
  • Bring in the mandatory documentation, including proof of at least 30 hours of driving experience.
  • Wait to receive the approval in the mail before heading out on the road!

Once these steps have been completed, The DMV will hand over the learner’s permit for another six months.

What Is a Class M License?

The requirements for this type of Florida driver’s license are quite different than that of getting a Class G license. For example, a person must be at least 16 years old to get it; however, there is no need to take a driver’s education course first. In addition to taking the DMV written test, there is a need to pass a driving skills exam!

Helpful Tips for Passing the Test of Florida Online Driving Course

  • Prepare for the test.
  • There is a need to know what questions will be asked on the road skills test and how many questions will be there.
  • Take a practice exam before the actual test.

Be sure to know where to take the Florida online driving course test and what time is best because there are specific times and certain days a week that they offer tests to avoid crowds.

Is There an Online Defensive Driving Course In Florida?

Florida does not offer a standard defensive driving course, but it’s possible to take classes at any of the state’s 10 driver improvement clinics. These one-day classes are designed to help drivers to lower car insurance premiums. This class also allows people to dismiss violations from their driving records.

This online course is perfect for everyone, especially those busy professionals who don’t have time to go into a classroom. The program can be completed at any pace and in any location that has internet access. The Florida DMV offers many different license courses, but this one will likely be the most convenient!

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