If you wish to hire a carpet cleaning companies, it is important to understand various types of carpet cleaning methods. Hot water extraction cleaning or steam cleaning is one of the most common methods. During this method, pressured hot water is used to clean the carpet fiber to remove all sorts of dirt and dust.

The professionals will first apply a cleaning agent on the soiled surface. It is then rubbed using a brush to remove any stains on the fiber. Once the cleaning agent is settled into the fibers for quite some time and absorbs all the dirt, a carpet cleaning equipment is used to wash the carpet. At last, it is kept to dry in an air-conditioned room. On an average, a standard size carpet takes approximately 4-5 hours to dry.

All you need to know about carpet shampooing

The technique of carpet shampooing was introduced in 1970s. It is another popular technique to clean even the heaviest solid carpets. However, it leaves huge amount of wet foam residue in the carpet that takes more than few hours to dry. Also, due to lack of proper rinsing, the carpet becomes sticky after drying. Due to this, it is not preferred by many homeowners.

Why is dry cleaning the most effective?

Dry cleaning is one of the famous techniques used by homeowners these days. Many carpet manufacturers approve of this method because it is much effective in cleaning. This does not require any drying time and hence saves a lot of time. This technique of dry carpet cleaning was first invented in 1980s. Earlier, various types of cleaning compounds and powders were used to get the desired result. As this is a new technique, few of the users may not be comfortable with this option.

The cleaning compounds used in dry cleaning are mostly made up of biodegradable materials like micro sponges which easily absorb any sort of dust and dirt into the carpet. It is highly effective in thoroughly cleaning the surface.

Bonnet cleaning – A quick fix to your carpet issues

Bonnet cleaning process involves cleaning the upper part of the fiber with the help of a high-quality motorized machine. A spinning pad is fixed with the motorized machine which easily absorbs any sort of dust and dirt from the surface. As it provides a quick fix solution to thorough carpet cleaning, it is one of the common techniques used in the hotel industry.

It dries quite easily and hence do not cause any inconvenience to the hotel guests. However, it will not thoroughly clean the carpet and dirt could emerge back to the surface. Not only this, it might also cause accumulation of chemical residue.

Foam encapsulation makes use of synthetic detergents to thoroughly clean the carpets. These synthetic detergents crystallize into powder when they dry. The dried detergent is then brushed or vacuumed from the carpet ensuring thorough cleaning of the surface. This is another effective way to clean the carpet without leaving any significant water residue.

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