Relocation of any kind involves budgeting, logistics and strategic planning. You’d think it would be cheaper to do all of it on your own, but for the stress that you’d go through and the number of days you’d probably spend on the task; it is probably worth hiring professional moving services in Toronto to do the job.

Take a look at these 5 tips that will keep your moving costs to a minimum:

1—Avoid rogue movers

When you have to entrust someone to transport your possessions, make sure you choose from the professional packers in Toronto. Some ‘move brokers’ might claim to offer moving services, but they don’t really own any equipment, crew or vehicles. These rogue movers will simply find customers and hand the job over to another moving company, but neither of them will take responsibility for the services. You’ll be stranded if you face any problems.

2— Vet their qualifications

How do you identify the professional packers in Toronto, when most of them have fancy websites and tall claims? The first thing you could do is ask friends and colleagues for feedback about their services. You could also check if the companies are members of the Canadian Association of Movers. CAM vets its members and they adhere to high ethical standards. Try and find companies that in your city so that you could visit them physically if the need arises.

3—Declutter before moving

No matter what they say, most people hoard. But a move is the best time to declutter your surroundings. Get rid of broken items, donate old clothes lying unused in your wardrobe and discard all those things you kept because you ‘think you might need them later.’ If you haven’t used them in the last 3 years, you probably don’t need them at all. The lesser things you have, the fewer boxes you need to move and the lower your expenses.

4— Plan in advance

Book the move early so that you can get a fair deal from your choice of company. Most of Toronto’s professional movers are busy during summers, so plan in advance if you want to move on a particular day. Also, check with them for discounts on weekday moves or mid-month moves and see if any of them are suitable for you.

5— Do the packing yourself

There are many professional moving companies in Toronto that will let you do the packing on your own, while they take care of the actual move only. This will easily bring down your moving expenses. If you’re lucky, they might even provide the packing material to you at no extra cost.


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