Regardless of the size, our outdoor living space is an integral component of the home, especially in the summer months, and if your garden is on the small side, here are a few tips to help you discover the perfect layout.

  1. Think Proportion – If you are planning to create a deck and have a grassed area, a 50-50 divide is ideal. Of course, when planning to source hardwood decking in Brisbane, you should know exactly how much timber you need, plus add 10%, just in case. The same goes for trees and shrubs – think about how a tree will look when fully mature – and don’t forget about leaves.
  2. Split Levels – By adding a couple of levels, your garden will take on a different look, and all you need to do that is a few yards of topsoil and maybe some bricks for a small retaining wall. A small step at the end of the deck that leads to the lawn is all it takes to level your garden, and if you are lacking in inspiration, a Google image search will help. Creating a rockery in one corner is a great way to add a dimension, you just need a little creativity and imagination, just remember proportion.
  3. Forget the Outdoor Kitchen – Aside from a compact BBQ, cooking on the deck will not be practical and if you are lucky enough to have a large kitchen, all the more reason to cater inside. The BBQ should be as near to the kitchen as is practically possible, for obvious reasons and with your furniture spread out, the deck should not look too cramped.
  4. Essential Shading – If you aren’t planning to relocate, you could make the ultimate shading investment and have a bespoke retractable roof installed, which does give you shade when you want it, plus you have no need for umbrellas – they clutter up a small terrace. Other options include a cantilever umbrella, which has the stability to cover a large area and one might just do the job on a small deck.
  5. Hanging Chairs – A small deck doesn’t allow you to waste valuable floor space, and hanging chairs are a great way to give a small deck the sprawled look. Search online and you will find a range of rattan hanging chairs, hammocks and other items that do not take up floor space, and you can keep things natural with materials like rattan and bamboo. There’s something about that rhythmic swing that really does relax you, especially after a tough day at the office, and creating your own little garden of paradise will be a great stress-reliever.

The deck is an integral component to any garden, and with online suppliers of the very best timbers for decking, you can get a great deal on quality, seasoned wood that will be the foundation for your ‘special place’. Design the layout on paper, to-scale if possible, then you can be sure that everything will fit, and your rest and relaxation area will be the envy of your friends.



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